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Friday, December 25, 2009

HELLO to this dead blog=))
anw,jus updating for fun
should i close my blog?haha.i tink its quite pointless...to continue posting on a barren blog

hard-boil-egg @ 9:59 PM

Monday, August 24, 2009

national day outing!!!

sports bash at home club!

pool games during sports camp!!!


bbq at hall 6!!!

wakeboarding AGAIN!!!



i look cool ya???












HEY!!!back again=)but lazy to add pics or talk much...ok brief outline...
recently i was v busy with outings and all-.-
firstly was national day outing wif my engine camp pp!!!was really fun tho i kena saboed and had to go to a boy boy,point to his tie and ask"can jie jie have ur tie?" and den give him a kiss.so EMBARRASSING LA!!!why must i kena forfeit when i lose indian poker???!!!anw,e boy's dad was like"aft kiss u ,she can kiss me?!"which was totally ?!!!!!!
anw,den i went to sports camp outing at mayflower only disney world...we drank till we were totally gone.i tink i had 4 or 5 bottles of beer down all in record time la!!!ended up so gone i couldn't walk and fell down.and a guy had to support me all e way back to hall...and tats where all e scandal started.i swear its jus SUPPORTING!nothing else!!!
another sports camp outing was the bbq at hall 6=)really great time man,until i was forced to take a heart shape pic with someone.sian why i everytime kena tis typr of stuff????

next we had sports bash...wat the!!!!i drank till i almost died man.cant imagine i could take so much hard liqour down la.i tink i drank like 5 mugs of hard liqour plus like mayb one fifth of a jug down???den thx god chaoching supported me again coz i was damn high.but den everyone start scandalising us again.i swear chao ching is jus a gentlemen helping a drunk lady
ok and we had HTHT nite for engine camp pp e nite rite aft mayflower.wa i was quite sian coz i drank like 2 nitex in a row like some alcoholic but thx god it wasn't much.but i guess first week of hostel i slept at ard 3am-5am every nite and i had to go sch in e morn=(
now pics~!!!

hard-boil-egg @ 9:17 PM

Sunday, August 02, 2009

hey i'm back!!!
i jus came back from engine camp=)it was fun but kinda tiring coz well we only get to sleep like 3 hrs everyday?haha.but its fun tho!!!

there are segments like the beach muachee thing that REALLY left an impression coz its so painful!!!!well its like a whole row of freshmen lying tgt and den one is rolled over e entire line!!!!freaking pain i tell u.its like no.1 e weight of e person .no2 is the friction caused by the sand!!!!

and i was so lucky to get tortured by my teammate.lol.coz he derailed and landed on my knees(causing me to scream like a banana) and then e most painful part was when they told him to continue and he rolled back OVER ME AGAIN...wa,i tink i'll remem e pain for life la

lol.and when i was rolling,i felt like i'm being thrown lei...so unglamorous and PAIN!!!lol.but its fun i guess.never really experienced it before.and and they have the freshmen initiation thing at nite while we're blindfolded.seriously,e blindfold thing was really torture coz it makes u feel like sleeping and yet u cant.u're supposed to be dating ur secret pal*yawns*and plus they cheat u somemore.they pair u up with seniors pretending to be freshies(damn i got cheated twice!)

but e secret pal nite thing tat i was dreading wasn't tat bad.at least i wasn't paired up with a wall.or i swear i'll strangle him and get him to entertain me.

oh and plus concealers really worked.i tink i looked like some bangla panda when we had our secret pal nite.thank god concealer came to save me.ta-da!!!

but e bad news was rite aft engine camp i fell ill,i tink its by far e most serious illness coz i had high fever of like 39.5 for 2 days.it was pure torture coz i had such a bad headache i really almost couldn't walk.plus i had all e symtoms.looking back,i really tink i might have h1n1.haha

would love to post pics but.............there's something wrong i cant post pics.so i shall write about e battered leg of mine next time=)

hard-boil-egg @ 2:30 PM

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

lol...hey pp.i'm here again!!!!!!!

lol...remem 3 months ago,on a wet rainy day,i went to serangoon gardens with my mom...Alas!I FELL!really unglam too btw,half of my legs on e pavement,e oth half on e drain...i did a split and hurt my ankle on e way...e very nex month,my boss mention to me he tinks i'm limping...and i jus tot nothing of it.now 3 months later,e pain has returned...and my leg is now.............

see above....and i need to use a medicated oil.haha

moral of the story...dun drag things on...ouch!

anw,i jus went back to touch rug recently for matches with our juniors...nice to catch up wif e gals=)but still ahrdly any seniors came...disappointed...den i found out ash is gg canada to study and all...sigh,i guess i'll miss that mosquito sometime...hahah.btw,i was a total failure man...i totally understood i gained 7 kg=(

man,i could not sprint anymore and i felt so useless...time to lose weight cass!!!!!!!!!

hard-boil-egg @ 5:51 PM

Thursday, May 14, 2009

tmr we're upgrading+()
instead of full protective gear ro scan ic
we're jus having a mask

recently,i've been pretty moody and tired...
sorry pp for not being able to keep up ya?
my sis has extended a invitation to go drinking hard liqour
its good to drink away all e bad incidents sometimes
forget everything and everyone
mayb i shld stop trying to be nice.

speaking of which.heard tat someone was backstabbing someone.makes me wonder if u dun noe e person personally,how can e person have a right to backstab?unless it WAS a fren or something la.

i tink i've mellowed alot as compared to before...i'm now more tolerant and more likely to keep quiet.sigh wats wrong with me?i feel like a mute
a useless mute mule

hard-boil-egg @ 8:18 PM

Sunday, May 03, 2009

me and chun hern is officially over.

tell me,why do i feel as tho my efforts for e past 1 yr is gg down e drain?

its ok,its alright,its time to fly.

guess i got back my freedom but with some additional emotional baggage.


why cass,why cry?

time will heal all wounds

hard-boil-egg @ 11:04 AM

Monday, April 13, 2009

i've never really figured out the real extent of my parents concern for me...yes,i was a whiny brat .forever whining and complaining to my parents,saying things like"when are u gonna cook finish?my tummy is gonna rot soon!"

i was also very very rude to them because i bear grudges over incidents from the past.

yes they may have made mistakes in the past but though they were overly strict and harsh in their punishment,they have made several sacrifices to jus placate me and my demands.

ever since i got this new job,my dad has been waking up every morning without fail at 6 or 7am jus to cook a breakfast cum lunch meal for me before i go to work.my mum stays up after her work to wait for me to come home so she can warm up the food and i can eat all i want.

Today my dad woke up early coz yester in a fit of irritation i said sarcastically" i dun nid new shirts,jus someone who will do the laundry".They did not do the laundry because of the wet showers for the past few days.Today he woke at 5 plus am jus to wash the clothes and because he's scared it might not dry in time for me,he hung it out by the front(which was illegal) and stood there to watch over it.He also cooked the usual breakfast cum lunch meal.

i feel guilty coz i was such a spoilt brat and rude.particularly my mum.everything that could not go well,i'll push e blame to her.if iwas ill or vomitted,i would blame her.On after sight,it was too much.

so while i find it hard to say a simple "thank you "word to my dad today,i do appreciate e work they do.
Tinking of the predicament of my uncle,i tink i should appreciate them more coz when time comes around when they leave suddenly,i may have regrets.

hard-boil-egg @ 11:26 AM